Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I was quite pleased to discover two new movies. Being a big fan of the Brit Gangster movies (Lock Stock, Snatch etc) I was happy to see a headline advertising Guy Richie's new offering 'Revolver' which is in the realm of 'movies-about-bad-guys-who-you-know-you-shouldn't-like-but-actually-inspire-you-to-be-a-badass-good-guy'.
It looked possibly a little too dark from the trailer, like the kind of movie that may not leave you with a good feeling.

I also read about another Brit Gangster movie called Layer Cake which I am going to check out.

Once in a while I will go to see a movie and come away totally inspired to pursue my faith in a fresh new, determined way. I think about the cool parts in the movie, like when all the good guys are together and working out a solution etc... and then in my mind I will be thinking "that's what true fellowship should be like! everyone has each others' back and it's gritty and real and everyone's making it happen in prayer as a team on their knees.." with a cool soundtrack playing wherever we go.


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