Friday, July 08, 2005

Hillary Clinton Announces Papal Candidacy

I read this interesting news article.

When Pope John Paul II passed away on Saturday, many internet journalists would have wagered their pirated copy of Photoshop that the story would be the most interesting news item of the day. They were wrong.

New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that as a lifelong Catholic and regular churchgoer (especially during election years), she felt God's call to "step forward and lead the Catholic Church into the future".

In a news conference earlier today, Clinton spoke of her strong Catholic beliefs and values. Her husband spoke of his strong attraction to Catholic schoolgirls.

The senator said, "When I was growing up as a little girl in New York, I mean Arkansas, I mean Illinois, next to my posters of Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio was a painting of Pope Pius XII. Every morning when I woke up, I would say a little prayer to Pope Pius asking for him to help me through the day."

The conservative media is painting this as another example of carpet bagging by the former First Lady. In November 2000 she won election to the US Senate in New York despite not having lived in the Empire State long enough for her husband to have another sexual assault allegation leveled at him.

Clinton dismissed those allegations with a wave. "If I weren't Catholic, why would I be wearing this yarmulke?" Or have these rosemary beads?"


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