Sunday, February 26, 2006

Introducing Sprogblog

I'm proud to announce a new blog - welshsprogblog. 'Sprog' is brit slang for 'baby'. Yes, my wonderful, beautiful wife has come of age (digitally, that is) and she has seen fit to launch a blog after much harrassing from myself and others. The last to jump on the bandwagon, she is sure to bring much insight, humor, recipes and home-making tips.
Please encourage her, link to it, leave comments, and read it. You're sure to find lots of photos of Alec and embarrassing stories about me that you won't find on this blog. Her blog will no doubt scratch an itch in the world of blogging.


Blogger Luke said...

That's great news, Michaels! It's always been a little uncomfortable talking about blogs with you, seeing as how Andy was [digitally] of age, and Candra was apparently [digitally] underage, but now you'll fit into our [digital] societal norms. No one will stare at you in Target, or whisper behind your back about "Andy, that [digital] cradle-robber".

Of course, I'll always secretly criticize you for various other reasons.

7:52 AM  

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