Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jacob's Well Article

"The songs are new, and the words are flashed up on a plasma screen by PowerPoint, but the language is as old as scripture. Most songs, in fact, are paraphrases of scripture. And as loud as the music is, the singing is louder. Andy Crouch of Christianity Today, who is critical of much of the Emergent movement, praises JW as "the best singing white church I've ever been to." JW's effort to make music participatory rather than performance-based struck a chord with Crouch, who also signaled his awareness that JW is rooted in its own particular neighborhood and could not be easily replicated elsewhere: "It made me want to move to Kansas City. Really."

Check out the complete article here. I would say that this is a fairly accurate representation of who Jacob's Well is. I really enjoyed reading this article, written by Christian Century magazine.


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