Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jacob's Well Advent Films

I was asked to create three short films for the season of Advent. The films played after the worship set, before the sermons. I've had some requests for them since they played from people I've bumped into in the hallways of JW. I know, I know - it's now Lent, not Advent anymore. Sorry for being a slow-coach.
Below are the links, with the accompanying sermons from that week. The scriptures from these weeks follow the traditional church lectionary. Each piece was created the week before the Sunday it played. Tim and I spoke briefly on the phone each week, and he communicated a few themes that were surfacing during his preparation for the sermon.
Some of the themes include evacuation, wilderness and war. I like to think of these films as ...maybe...avant-garde...? Ooh la la!

Oh, and if you can - watch the videos with headphones on!

Sunday December 3rd 2006
Week 1 Video
MP3 sermon audio -
Tim Keel: The Lord is Coming

Sunday December 10th 2006
Week 2 Video (in HD)
MP3 sermon audio - Tim Keel: Prepare The Way

Sunday December 17th 2006
Week 3 Video
MP3 Sermon audio - Shayne Wessel: Joy In The Wilderness


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting these! I missed the third one was quite bummed. These are great. Keep doing fantastic work.


8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a week 4? Is it possible to get it somewhere?

4:24 PM  

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