Saturday, January 27, 2007


Andalf was the best-known of the Maiar of Valinor, a servant of the Valar, the Powers of the world, and of Eru Ilúvatar, the One. In Valinor he was known as Andórin, and was said to be the wisest of the Maiar. He dwelt in the gardens of Irmo and was the pupil of Nienna, the patron of mercy. When the Valar decided to send the order of the Welshmen to Middle-earth in order to counsel and assist all those who opposed Sandwon, Andórin was proposed by Manwë. In the Order, he had a strained, competitive relationship with Sandwon, its head.

Friday, January 19, 2007


If there is such a thing as a born detective, I am one. I am fortunate to have been able to earn my living in a career I would have worked in for free. For over five decades, I have practiced and perfected my craft. I have traveled and lived all over the world, met colorful characters at all levels of society, contributed to the improvement of our world and, most importantly, to myself. I envy no person, neither his nor her career.

My work brought me into contact with five generations of burglars, murderers, spies, kidnappers, swindlers, heroes, warriors, and cowards. I've known people from all walks of life, from the British House of Lords to the person on the corner. Along the way, I collected a number of wives, 3½ kids, a bullet wound, and the usual assortment of beatings and broken bones for my line of work.

It's time to go hunting again

Last year, me and Luke goes huntin' and we gits our elk!

Well, at least I got my elk. Luke however, suffered from undue disappointment, not having procured his own meat. Maybe this year will yield better luck for him. I remember last time we hunted hearing Luke muttering things like 'I fear we may not survive...' and, 'I fear we are running dangerously low on beer...' and other things of that nature. Anyway - let's leave behind the fantasy of video game kills and get out into the wild and drag another elk down by our bare hands. What say ye?